Tangerines remind me of childhood Christmases. Can you recall that tangy aroma once you’d pierced the skin with your thumb, peeled it away and the juice began to spray out like an ignited sparkler? Dates were rare in my childhood home. Amber-coloured like big sad read more »
Here is me getting wet!!! The Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral and for good reason. It offers a laugh at the sight of others suffering momentarily while creating awareness for a disease that I had never heard of before, ALS The ALS researchers are read more »
July has been one of those months when, as they say, I hit the ground running. I am not sure that I have ever actually used that expression before, certainly not in connection with my own life, but it seems fitting this time. On 5th July, I arrived into Cork read more »
I am writing this from Biarritz, a seaside town originally put on the map as a holiday resort by Napoléon III when he built his beloved Spanish wife, Eugénie de Montijo, a two-storey villa set high on a windy bluff overlooking the town’s grand plage (largest read more »
I am sending this from Rome where I have disappeared to for a few days to escape dogs, sheep (yes!), olive trees and all commitments other than writing. I have found myself a perfectly airy studio in the eaves of a hidden complex in one of the fabulous old read more »
It is a special day today. A Publication Day. Hotel Paradise, my latest story for the Kindle Single store on Amazon, goes live.  Hooray. We are all very excited about it. As with The Girl in Room Fourteen, it can be downloaded directly to your Kindle or phone or read more »
Pomegranate blossom
lemons great and sma
the sun is setting a
Small black dog, Car
We are extending the
Lunchtime salad. Exc
Set out an island in
Painting garden furn
The bumblebee is sti
A bumblebee at work
Red Hot Poker plants
Small dog looking fo

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