The distributors of THE OLIVE ROUTE films have contacted us to say that until 15th Jan, they are selling the boxed set of five gorgeous films for 29.99 euros plus post, which is 5 euros for Europe and 6.50 euros rest of the world. A great price. Send an email read more »
Complete France is giving away The Forgotten Summer as one of it's prizes on the 15th December as part of it's 24 day Advent competition. 15 December 2016 | The prize: a bundle of books written by FRANCE Magazine columnists and favourite authors About: This read more »
A day or so ago I watched, for the first time in many years, Louis Malle's wonderful film,  Lacombe, Lucien. I don't think I have seen it since it was first released in 1974, when I was a young actress living in London. I would have been audience at the Hampstead read more »
Today, midway through November, as winter begins to set in hard here in northern France – I am at our home outside Paris, not down on the Olive Farm – it is a day of mourning, of remembrance. All across the UK and the Commonwealth, on this second Sunday in read more »
I am writing this in-between note because, as many of you may know, THE FORGOTTEN SUMMER was published in paperback on 8th September. To celebrate its publication Penguin, along with the magazine Top Santé, has come up with a splendid competition. Here are read more »
Newsletter August 2016
I am very late with this Newsletter. It should have gone out at least a month ago, but this has been a very demanding year and time has given me no slack! The good news is that this morning I have delivered the first draft of my new novel to Penguin. This will read more »
Bee News
Cornwall Council has decided to ban bee-harming neonicotinoid pesticides from all of its parks, gardens and verges. read more »
A MESSAGE FROM GREENPEACE Big news: Greenpeace investigators have discovered unpublished pesticide-company read more »
I feel impotent and distressed when I watch this video and read the news of other such acts. Such indiscriminate read more »

Carol’s love of Provence shines through in the evocative descriptions of the Provencal countryside and way of life. The characters are well-drawn and the story is interesting, with a few unexpected twists.
Pauline Braisher (from





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