April is a special month for me; it contains our wedding anniversary and my birthday. This year, the spring weather has been exceptional and I have been able to spend a great deal of time outside studying and photographing the various pollinators tirelessly working read more »
I received this email this morning and we are posting it in its entirety due to its importance. PLEASE help, donate, spread the word, change your gardening habits, please let us do whatever it takes to turn this crisis around Thank you Carol Dear read more »
I cannot believe the month of March is almost over. It has been a splendid month and I have been out in the garden almost on a daily basis taking photographs of the changing faces of Nature. If you go to my Pinterest page read more »
It is a special day today. A Publication Day. Hotel Paradise, my latest story for the Kindle Single store on Amazon, goes live.  Hooray. We are all very excited about it. As with The Girl in Room Fourteen, it can be downloaded directly to your Kindle or phone or read more »
It is almost Christmas although I have not yet begun to do very much about it. We are both still hard at work, attempting to complete all our commitments before everyone shuts up shop for two weeks. There is a quite a bit to wrap up after a year that has seen a read more »
These last few blisteringly hot months have been packed with work. A few journeys undertaken but mostly I have been at my desk at the farm, scribbling away. These are the days when I appreciate how very privileged my life is. I have the liberty to begin as early as read more »
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Painting garden furn
The bumblebee is sti
A bumblebee at work
Red Hot Poker plants
Small dog looking fo
pruned olive logs wa
Our cottage, at the
Spring is arriving!
Pruning the olive tr
Sun setting after a
Sun setting on Easte

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