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France has a coastline of approximately 7330 kilometres. Much of it is magnificent and many of those kilometres are uninhabited, wild even. I am a sea baby. The old adage that being by the sea does you good, clears your lungs and regenerates your system is, in read more »
Apologies for the lack of Newsletter this side of the holidays. I am fiendishly busy. News after the holidays. Here is Samson who some of you will know came to us as a rescue dog in April. See how he has settled and blossomed. Gloriously, I discovered he was read more »
Metz is a city in the northeast of France, Le Grand Est, capital of the Lorraine region, and one that I had never visited before last weekend. It sits alongside the winding Moselle river and is surprisingly inspiring. I was in town because my husband, Michel read more »
October Newsletter 2018
Dear Friends, Where has this year gone to? We have hit the olive harvest season and I am not really prepared for it. The trees are laden and the fruits are fat and healthy. If only I could persuade the three dogs to get their paws at the ready and get picking read more »
I want to begin by introducing you to our new member of the Olive Farm family. His name is Samson. He is a Tibetan Mastiff and has jaws like an alligator. I heard about him through my Olive Farm Facebook page where I saw a photo of him. He was in a refuge over read more »
Spring Newsletter 2018
Dear Readers and Friends, This is an exciting month for me for several reasons, but let me begin with a bit of non-book news and then continue with the professional afterwards. Michel and I have just returned from a very short trip to Puglia in southern read more »
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Bee News read more »
Imidacloprid is a terrifying chemical used on much of the world's fruits and vegetables -- and it's wiping out our read more »
If you live in the UK you might want to sign up for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. They do sterling work in read more »
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