A few days ago I headed north, driving from our home on the French Côte d’Azur to our home in the Brie, mid-centre between Paris and Reims, fifteen minutes from the Champagne district. I love these long trajectories penetrating and discovering France. In the years read more »
Just in time for the holidays! My two bestselling Kindle Singles are now available as audio books! read more »
I am suffering from Deadline-itis. Two deadlines glaring at me with fanged intentions. As always during these stressful moments, it seems that all the world apart from me is in holiday mode; either on holiday or about to depart. I go out so rarely at present due read more »
Hello from a very hot South of France. (currently 34C) The announcement of the news announced today in The Bookseller (link below) has been such a LONG time coming – I have been busting for three months to tell you. I have moved to Penguin Books. I am to be a read more »
Hello! Are you glad Easter is behind you? Ours has been wet although yesterday morning it cleared up and the sun is now shining and promises to remain with us for at least another week. Fortunately, the two days of heavy rain have really irrigated the land. It read more »
Dear friend, This will be the briefest of Newsletters and will not contain a great deal of news! I am intending to deliver my new novel later today or tomorrow so I am DEEP in the world of my ‘lost domain’. As you can see from the photograph, I have read more »
Bee News
This news is very concerning. I thought we were beginning to help people understand the fundamental necessity of bees read more »
A Highway for Bees from Norway I think this is such a terrific and fun initiative read more »
It seems that slowly, slowly governments are waking up to the dangers of the neonicotinoid pesticides. Let us hope they read more »