I have been focusing quite a bit on war recently so I thought for this month’s blog I would choose a subject that is closer to home and of a lighter aspect. A love story. This true story is set along the Côte d’Azur, the Blue Coast, but it began in the north of read more »
It has been a while since I have written a blog for this page and I apologise. Life seems to have overtaken me these last few months. Aside from my days of writing, I have been travelling, but a little less than usual. I have just returned from a short trip to read more »
Last month I wrote a little about the events surrounding the Charlie Hebdo massacres in Paris along with my reflections, observations while travelling in Algeria seven years ago. I am continuing along a similar theme today: Algeria and a broad brushstroke of the read more »
Dear friend, This will be the briefest of Newsletters and will not contain a great deal of news! I am intending to deliver my new novel later today or tomorrow so I am DEEP in the world of my ‘lost domain’. As you can see from the photograph, I have read more »
I am writing this from Biarritz, a seaside town originally put on the map as a holiday resort by Napoléon III when he built his beloved Spanish wife, Eugénie de Montijo, a two-storey villa set high on a windy bluff overlooking the town’s grand plage (largest read more »
I am sending this from Rome where I have disappeared to for a few days to escape dogs, sheep (yes!), olive trees and all commitments other than writing. I have found myself a perfectly airy studio in the eaves of a hidden complex in one of the fabulous old read more »
Bee News
A very innovative way of creating awareness of honeybee loss: read more »
Thank you Michael Sutton for this informative little film about honeybees: "Apis Mellifera: Honey Bee" a read more »
I have been sent this link by beekeeper in Devon, England. It looks like a terrific way to get in touch with bees and read more »

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