It is that time of year again. Late September. The season of ‘mellow fruitfulness’. There are no mists here at this time of year in the south of France but there is a great deal of mature sunlight oozing its warm beams for long hour after long hour. I love this read more »
So exciting that the paperback edition of THE FORGOTTEN SUMMER is hitting the shelves today! If you haven't already, you can order your copy here: read more »
It's only one week to go until THE FORGOTTEN SUMMER is out in the UK in paperback!! You can pre-order your copy here: read more »
I am writing this in-between note because, as many of you may know, THE FORGOTTEN SUMMER was published in paperback on 8th September. To celebrate its publication Penguin, along with the magazine Top Santé, has come up with a splendid competition. Here are read more »
Newsletter August 2016
I am very late with this Newsletter. It should have gone out at least a month ago, but this has been a very demanding year and time has given me no slack! The good news is that this morning I have delivered the first draft of my new novel to Penguin. This will read more »
I wrote my last Newsletter on 2nd February this year. It was upbeat after a successful France Show at Olympia and I was looking forward to the publication of my novel THE FORGOTTEN SUMMER on 11th February. The New Year was looking positive and full of read more »
Bee News
A MESSAGE FROM GREENPEACE Big news: Greenpeace investigators have discovered unpublished pesticide-company read more »
I feel impotent and distressed when I watch this video and read the news of other such acts. Such indiscriminate read more »
This is very important news read more »

What a wonderful story, I was transported to Provence, Paris and back to London with characters I cared about. A story of romance and family secrets set within a vineyard on the beautiful cote d’azure.
Sue (from amazon)





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