The Illustrated Olive Farm

Life on an olive farm vividly described in this illustrated companion to the bestselling trilogy
£20.00 HB 240pp 242 x 196mm

The Olive Trilogy is the story of the love affair between actress Carol Drinkwater and television producer Michel Noll and a Provençal olive farm, Appassionata, which they fall in love with, buy and with little money and many tribulations restore with the aim of producing the finest olive oil.

What comes across is her love affair with a farm and a way of life that is utterly captivating…[an] exquisite collection – GOOD BOOK GUIDE

In this entirely new book Carol and Michel have documented their life on the olive farm: the highs and lows of harvesting and pressing, the constant concern about water, the adoption of animals, and the anxious search for ways to diversify. Local food and wine, customs, markets and fairs, friends and characterful neighbours, the whole Provençal way of life, are richly recounted and stunningly illustrated.