Advent competition

Complete France is giving away The Forgotten Summer as one of it’s prizes on the 15th December as part of it’s 24 day Advent competition.

15 December 2016 | The prize: a bundle of books written by FRANCE Magazine columnists and favourite authors

About: This selection of books includes the latest publications from FRANCE Magazine columnists Stephen Clarke and Carol Drinkwater as well as the latest instalment from author Julia Stagg. How the French won Waterloo (or think they did) by FRANCE Magazine columnist Stephen Clarke is an entertaining look at the French perspective of the Battle of Waterloo and the influence Napoléon has had on modern France (RRP £14.99). Another Stephen Clarke book, Dirty Bertie: An English King made in France is a witty biography of Edward VII and his love of France and French women (RRP £8.99). The Forgotten Summer, by another FRANCE Magazine columnist and best-selling author Carol Drinkwater, is a page-turning tale of secrets, forbidden love and heartbreak set in Provence (RRP £7.99). A Fête to Remember is Julia Stagg’s latest novel set in the fictional French mountain village of Fogas and explores the lives of the villagers as their try to save their village (RRP £13.99).

Competition opens 12.01am on 15 December

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