End of March

I cannot believe the month of March is almost over. It has been a splendid month and I have been out in the garden almost on a daily basis taking photographs of the changing faces of Nature.

If you go to my Pinterest page  http://pinterest.com/CarolDrinkwater/ you can enjoy some of the flowers and views that I have been capturing.

140330I planted the stone of an avocado in our greenhouse five years ago. This year the tree that has grown from that stone is flowering for the first time (see right) and I am really keeping my fingers crossed that it will produce fruits. Its pollination system is both fascinating and ingenious. If you don’t know anything about it, as I didn’t, do look it up and read about it. Marvellous. Another reason to fight for the survival of our bees.

I have mentioned once before that our little cottage, where Quashia used to live, has been gutted and renovated and is now available for holiday lets and so I have been having fun planting up the garden and getting it ready for the first guests who will arrive in early April.  If a short break in the south of France takes your fancy, please do send me a message at olivefarmbooks@gmail.com

Here is a pic of one wall of the cottage taken from behind the old olive tree in its garden.140331

Hotel Paradise, my new Kindle Single, was published almost two weeks ago and it has already hit the number one slot in the UK Kindle Single charts. So huge thanks to all of you have already bought it and especially to those readers who have written such lovely reviews on both the UK and US sites. I have added the links for it, so that you can buy it with one click if you would like to.

UK link http://www.amazon.co.uk/

US link http://www.amazon.com/

Next week, The Only Girl in the World is published. Here is a link to a splendid web site, History Girls. Kate Lord Brown, one of the History Girls, has posted an interview with me and given the book a glowing review.  Thank you, Kate!


So, I am back at work on my new novel. The title is about to change because I am the only person who likes my current suggestion, so watch this space for more news about this one.

We are also about to republish as e-books two of my earlier titles, An Abundance of Rain and Mapping the Heart. As soon as I have the links for these two novels, both set in hot, lush climates and both love stories with a touch of suspense, I will post them here on my next blog.

If you are looking for signed or specially dedicated copies of any of my books, new or earlier stories, you can write to me to request them at olivefarmbooks@gmail.com

If you would like to buy the set of five DVDS that were inspired by my two travel books The Olive Route and The Olive Tree, there is a special button on the bottom right-hand corner of the Home page on this website, press that and – hey presto! – the order form comes up. Or you can write to olivefarmbooks@gmail.com

So, back to work for me. Enjoy spring, or autumn if you are the other side of the world. Remember, it will soon be Easter. I am counting the days as I have given up wine for Lent!

Thank you for reading this and for your fabulous support.

More soon,




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