Autumn creeping into Winter Newsletter

Sunset, Nice

Hello dear friends,

Apologies. I don’t seem to be very good at keeping to my schedules at present. There seems to be so much on, not least hammering away at a new novel. I am almost half way… Continue reading

Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox is upon us already; the year seems to have reached this point too fast, don’t you agree? Yesterday morning, I stood on the terrace looking out to sea, inhaling that wonderful sense of tranquillity I feel when… Continue reading

August in Greece and other matters

I am writing this from Kastellorizo, which is a small Greek island situated in the Eastern Mediterranean approximately two kilometres from Kas on the Lycian Coast of Turkey. We, Michel (husband) and I, are here attending a documentary film festival,… Continue reading

Bee Books

Hello friends,I have been asked to recommend some Bee Books, books that will help us to understand the problems we are facing and how we can contribute in this fight to save our planet. Also to be included, we need… Continue reading

Wine Tasting in the South of France

I am frequently asked about good wineries to visit as a day trip from our Olive Farm in the south of France. The fact is there are dozens to suggest. So I thought it would be fun this month during… Continue reading

Newsletter, July 2019

I know that I am late writing this when I begin to receive emails from some of you asking why they have not received my Newsletter!  My sincere apologies. I have two excuses: the publication on 16th May of The… Continue reading

The Eiffel Tower celebrates 130 years

Sunrise seen from the Eiffel Tower

This year in France, our very own Iron Lady has reached her 130th birthday. Le Tour Eiffel. Receiving close to 7 million visitors a year, it is the most visited monument in the world,… Continue reading