Secret Provence

Dear Friends and Readers, PLEASE tune to Channel 5 in on Sunday and join me in PROVENCE.

New Year Newsletter

Happy New Year!

There was a time when I used to look to the years after 2,000 and think of them as distant stars. A universe I could not see into or imagine. Now, here we are, almost a quarter… Continue reading

The Ireland of my Childhood

Small Things Like These by the Irish novelist Claire Keegan is my Book of the Year. There have been several books especially by women authors that have ‘spoken’ to me but this one hit a deep chord. I am late… Continue reading

November  2022. NEWSLETTER

This was last year. Ours is not up yet!

This letter is so overdue that I am almost too embarrassed to apologise, but here we are and … erm, sincere apologies. My last note was in July. I wrote it… Continue reading

An inspiration for Monet and his waterlilies

Here we are (Me, Michel and François to the right) at the confluence, the conflux, of the Lot and Garonne Rivers. The sound of water crashing and engaging was rather spectacular.

Three weeks ago, Michel and I crossed France to the… Continue reading

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, dear Readers and Friends!

I am moving offices! A few yards from one building at our home outside Paris (fondly known as the Mad Old Chateau) to another crumbling stone building on the same patch of land. Today… Continue reading

Newsletter February 2022

Mimosa in blossom at the Olive Farm, early Feb 2022.


Once again this letter is a little late. My sincere apologies.

It has been a low-key Christmas and winter for us this year, which explains my silence (nothing really… Continue reading

Remembering Josephine Baker

“France is Josephine” 1906-1975

This is one of the photos I took of the facade of the Panthéon, snapped while I was queuing to pay my respects to Josephine Baker. Exceptionally, during that first weekend of December, entrance was free… Continue reading



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