Holiday reading

As July draws to a close and the holiday season is really underway here in the South of France, I thought I would just send a little note to remind you that if you are looking for holiday reads, the entire six-book Olive series is out now as a compilation pack for those of you who have access to the UK Kindle markets.

Here is the link

For those of you who are buying for US Kindles, all six Olive titles are available now as e-books. The first two titles, The Olive Farm and The Olive Season, are available from Overlook Press.  Unfortunately, I have been receiving mails from some of you who are Stateside or in Canada, telling me that these two titles are hard to find. Please request information from Overlook at

I have written to Overlook too, so let us hope any difficulties are soon sorted out.

From The Olive Harvest onwards, the e-titles for US territories should be easy to  download. If you have any difficulties, please let me know. I designed the electronic jackets myself with a great deal of help from my wonderful web partner, Bart Hulley. Here they are:

The-Olive-Harvest-3 the-olive-tree-4 Return-to-the-Olive-Farm-3 The-Olive-Route-5

Alas, I cannot furnish you with a link for these titles because I am outside the purchasing territory and cannot get to it! Amazon have them for sale.

We still have some copies of The Illustrated Olive Farm available via  Do send us a note if you want this title or indeed any of my books and as always they can be signed and dedicated, as you wish.

The five DVDS of The Olive Route documentaries is also available via this email address. We have the films available in both US and world formats. Just send us a message and we can organise their shipping.

I am spending these hot, hot days at work on my next book for Scholastic. This one is a love story and its title is currently If you Were the Only Girl in the World.  Titles change, but I will keep you posted if we all decide on something different at a later stage. This book will be published in the spring of 2014.

In the meantime, I hope you are having a wonderful summer.


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