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Welcome to Carol Drinkwater’s website. This is the official site for The Olive Trilogy and its author. Here you can find out about Carol, her books and audiobooks, learn about her forthcoming titles and also find out about any publicity or events that are planned.

Some of the stunning photographs that are featured on this website are from Carol's book The Illustrated Olive Farm To order signed and dedicated copies of the book, please contact

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Return to the Olive Farm is now available in paperback

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Watch the trailer for The Olive Route -
A documentary series inspired by Carol's books

Carol writes for the Eden Project blog about her passion for olives.

Carol discusses The Olive Tree and takes us on a tour of her olive groves.
Click here to watch Carol's Video on YouTube.

Watch Carol’s interview on LOOSE WOMEN
ITV1 on Tuesday 20th July, talking about her new book RETURN TO THE OLIVE FARM

Carol talks to Tina Bettison from The Book Channel about The Olive Tree.
Click here to watch Carol's Video on YouTube

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