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A Memoir of Life, Love and Olive Oil in the South of France

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The first in Carol Drinkwater’s bestselling trilogy set on a Provençal olive farm.

‘ All my life, I have dreamed of acquiring a crumbling, shabby-chic house overlooking the sea.... a corner of paradise where friends can gather to swim, relax, debate, eat fresh fruits picked directly from the garden and great steaming plates of food served from an al fresco kitchen and dished up on to a candlelit table...’

The Olive Farm is a double love story. It is a lyrical tale of the real-life romance between actrress Carol Drinkwater and Michel, a TV producer, and of an abandoned Provençal olive farm - Appassionata - which they fall in love with and buy. And as the olives turn from green to a deep succulent black, we are drawn seductively into Carol and Michel's vibrant Mediterranean world. We experience the highs and lows: the local customs and cuisine; the threats of fire and adoption of a menagerie of animals; the potential financial ruin and the thrill of harvesting their own olives ...

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The Olive Farm
The view of the house from bottom of the hill
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