March 2014

  • Our bees are dying out fast. Last year your support was critical in convincing the Government to create a Bee Action Plan to save our bees. Now we need your help once again. Can you be part of the generation that helps save British bees? Bees Minister Lord de Mauley wants your thoughts on his draft Bee Action Plan. But we’ve only got a short time to make our voices heard. The consultation started yesterday and is only open for eight weeks. The plan is a step in the right direction, but to be effective it needs to be much better. The Bee Action Plan must include steps to restore bee habitats, tackle pesticide use, and help farmers switch to bee-friendly farming. Join our call for a Bee Action Plan that does our bees proud We need thousands of people to send the Government a clear message that we can’t take bees for granted – they need our help to survive. Tell the Bees Minister you want a brilliant Bee Action Plan. Let’s make Britain truly bloom for bees.
  • Remember the bee-killer pesticides which hundreds of thousands of 38 Degrees members like you helped to get banned across Europe? Two days ago, the charity Buglife discovered that the bee-killer pesticides were for sale on eBay. It took just three hours for eBay to get the pesticides taken down. Today, the bee-killer pesticides are back up. It’s a classic wheeze: wait until the fuss has died down, then get back to business as usual. Click here to write to eBay and tell them to take these banned pesticides off their site for good – and change their policies to make sure they never go up again.

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