The Song of the Whale and my Visit to Biarritz

Many years ago, in a period of my life that is almost history now, while I was filming the TV series All Creatures Great and Small, I was invited to take part in a Save the Whale rally which was to be held in Trafalgar Square. It was a Sunday. A high stage had been erected in the centre of the square and each of us was to present our reading or give our speech to a bank of microphones that relayed the message to thousands and thousands of people who had gathered to support the event. I read an extract from Moby Dick. The conservationist and television presenter, Sir Peter Scott, was the main focus of the occasion. He was the chairman and founder of the World Wildlife Fund International, an organisation that I had aligned myself with back then. I was particularly interested in its conservation of threatened marine life and habitats as I had recently become a qualified scuba diver.
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