Springtime at Dawn

It is six in the morning, the birds outside my window are chattering away. Aside from their song, all is still and quiet – I am the only one awake. A few kilometres down the hill, the Cannes Film Festival is in full swing. Alas, due to my own work commitments, I have not paid a visit to any parties or screenings.

kindleSince I wrote last at the beginning of May Hotel Paradise has hit the Number One Kindle Single spot in the US. It now means that on both sides of the Atlantic I have two stories in the Amazon KS top ten charts. The other being, The Girl in Room Fourteen which continues to sell very well.
This is thrilling. Thank you so much. A lovely friend of mine and writer living in the States, Jane Green, sent this through to me yesterday.

Thank you, Jane.

Just because my workload is insufficient (!), I have accepted an invitation to join a fabulous bunch of women on their website, History Girls. It was created by a small group of women who write historical fiction, not necessarily exclusively.

Here is what they say about themselves:
‘The History Girls are a group of best-selling, award-winning writers of historical fiction. Some of us write for young adults, some for fully fledged adults, some for younger readers.’

And here is the link to the daily blog which has become compulsive reading for me before I begin my day’s work:


Each of us has a day in the month when we are responsible for writing the blog. Mine will be the 26th and my first blog as a History Girl will be on 26th June so if you are interested please click through to the link above and read the post.
You will probably become addicted to the truly varied subjects that are covered there. And every day takes you on a different historical journey.

I still have my regular column with France Magazine which is preparing a new look. If you don’t know about this journal and you are fascinated by all things French, then France Mag is probably for you. Here is their link:
Also, there is a button down on the right-hand corner of my Home Page which should get you through to them. Carolyn Boyd, the editor of the mag, has been recruiting some very fine writers and media folk to share their experiences of France in the pages. Terry Wogan is due to be bringing some of his unique humour to one of the monthly columns.

My days are filled with writing and gardening, which is my idea of heaven. I am beavering away at my novel. It still lacks a title. I have been deliberating between several and still have not settled on one. So, that is yet to come. The story is set in the south of France so that makes life easier for me in terms of the research. Those tiny details on my doorstep frequently make the difference when creating a credible fictitious world or not. Anyway, enough said about it, I better get on with it.

Here are three photographs I took in the garden. Spring evenings at the Olive Farm. The dog is Lola, our long faithful German Shepherd.

Back to work for me!

Thank you for reading this,


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