Good morning from Rome

Good morning from Rome. I am writing the first blog from my new website, which has taken over two weeks to go live, to be visible. I am not sure why; such are the mysteries of the web. Wherever you are in the world, it should now be visible to you. I am thrilled with it and hope you will also enjoy browsing here regularly…

Over the next week or so, we will work out any problems and then it should be running smoothly with regular updates from me.

I want to sincerely thank Bart who has worked with me so patiently and creatively for over two months on this site. It would not exist without him. Merci beaucoup, Bart.

The sun is shining here in Rome on this Monday morning before Christmas. I am here on a very brief trip as Michel and I deliver the five OLIVE ROUTE films to Rai Television. Yesterday, we went to a party thrown by Sicilians who are protagonists in one of the films,  Olive Oil, the Mafia and the New Sicily. What an event. A party as, perhaps, only the Italians can dream up. I took one or two photographs with my iPad, which is no substitute for a camera, but I had not brought mine with me. I will try to post them on my Pinterest page over the next few days if they are in focus. The fashions and food were magnificent and I had the feeling that I was in a play as I watched one elegant guest after another arrive, laden with gifts, at the door of the duplex apartment off Piazza Navona with views south across the eternal city.

We are staying further out of town than I would normally choose in the leafy neighbourhood of Parioli, north of the city centre. The hotel is Villa Duse. It is comfortable, if a little distant from all the places – Vatican, Spanish Steps, friends, shops – I like to visit. In summer when the city is baking hot and full of tourists, this little boutique  hotel with outdoor terraces would probably be a cool and welcome retreat. The neighbourhood is hilly so the area offers some fine views over Rome.

Yesterday, before the party and our dinner meeting in an old Roman tavern in the neighbourhood of Trastevere with a commissioning editor from Rai, we strolled the avenues arm in arm enjoying the luxury of such mild weather in mid-december. Today, I am off to do a little Christmas shopping – a free day is a luxury I rarely allow myself.


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