Home from The France Show and the mists of Ireland

IMG_0945After a very successful and great-time-had-by-all three days, the France Show has been packed away for this year. So many visitors came and none seemed exhausted because, unlike last year, they did not have to fight their way through snow blizzards and storms to reach Earls Court. Altogether, the mood was buoyant and optimistic.

Friends and readers from all over the world dropped by to say hello. One lovely reader travelled from Australia to be with us at our Olive Farm lunch. Others came from Sweden, the States, Ireland, France and, of course, various corners of Great Britain. Huge, huge thanks. It was a thrill to meet new readers and to greet old-timers and our lunch party was a really special occasion and very well organised by several lovely ladies from the Olive Farm Facebook page.

For those of you who tried to buy copies of The Olive Farm at the France Show bookshop only to find it had sold out, it has now been reprinted. You can contact me at olivefarmbooks@gmail.com if you wish to purchase signed and dedicated copies (all my books, for adults and youngsters are available through this email address) or you can go to the France Show bookshop if you prefer at www.aip-francebookshop.com  They have a good selection of many titles with a French flavour.

For the past six days I have been  in Ireland and can announce now that I will be back in Bantry at the West Cork Literary Festival again in July this year. I will be teaching the Non-fiction/Memoir five-day writing course again this year, Monday 7th July to Friday 11th July. The places are very limited so if you want to sign up, please do so as soon as possible. Last year was memorable and I am excited at meeting up again with some of the ‘students’ and hearing their news and discovering how they are progressing with their writing.

Aside from my own small part of the programme, this lit fest is one of the liveliest of all and always has a fabulous line-up of writers. Do go to the their website and take a look.


So now I have returned to France and it is back to my desk, a mile-high stack of mail and the new novel. As soon as I have final publication dates for Hotel Paradise and The Only Girl in the World, I will post them here.

If you want to write to me, please do it via the website. Ordinary mail takes much longer for me to respond to. Thanks.

Once again a HUGE merci beaucoup to all of you who attended the France Show, my talks and those special people at the Olive Farm lunch. It was memorable.

More soon!



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