January 2011

HM Government petition

I, along with many others, including quite a few readers from my Facebook page, signed a petition last year to beg the British government to seriously and in all conscience consider the withdrawal of neonicotinoids pesticides from the market. These chemicals almost certainly damage the nervous systems of bees and other insects. I have already posted the government’s response on this page, which was not only a negative but the numbers they claimed had signed the petition was far short of the figure I saw when I signed.

I believe that in time to come the damage caused to insects, to the environment and to man will be made public. In Return to the Olive Farm, I have recounted stories about the cover-up of asbestos damage to man’s health, which was denied for decades. I believe we are looking at a similar form of cover-up now.
There is a great deal of money being made by chemical companies out of the use of these pesticides. There is also, in my opinion, a great deal of waffle being spoken about what is damaging honey bees

The fact is bees are at risk and time is running out. Read more here

» Click here to see the Government’s response to the petition

Here is my response to their decision:

Dear Sirs,
I think your decision is disappointing and exceedingly worrying. I am an author, actress and environmental activist and I intend to continue to fight all governments who make such decisions as set out here in your argument. In my opinion you are acting in alliance with the pesticide companies and not making decisions for the future health of the environment or mankind.
I beg you to reconsider.

Carol Drinkwater

Beekeepers Fume at Association’s endorsement of fatal insecticides

I think for those who live in Britain and are beekeepers this is a very disappointing news item. There is talk now of setting up an alternative Bee Association. Of course, it was not ALL members who have made the deal with the chemical companies and there will certainly be investigation… All the same, not an inspiring direction for all those who are keen to support the plight of bees…

Do go to my Facebook page, OLIVE FARM, and let me know what you think and PLEASE do consider signing the AVAAZ petition (posted above).

Read the article in the Independent

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