May 2015

It seems that slowly, slowly governments are waking up to the dangers of the neonicotinoid pesticides. Let us hope they do not drag their feet for much longer. How many bees have you seen this spring? We have far fewer feeding at the farm. In spite of a tremendous display of cherry blossom we have had almost no cherries. The flowers were not pollinated.

This lady is worth giving a short fraction of your time to. Please remember that the loss of bee colonies continues and the problem is not being resolved. Plant organically -produced bee-friendly flowers whoever you can: in unused patches of your yard, window boxes, alongside pathways. Just keep feeding nature. It is our only way forward.

Thank you, Carol.

TED Talk by University of Minnesota professor Marla Spivak. She has a Facebook page and so does her Bee Squad, a team of folks that educates, trains, and assists people to help bees thrive. Learn more about honeybees and all the other gorgeous bees we share the world with and alsowhat you can do to support them.

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