Newsletter August 2016

I am very late with this Newsletter. It should have gone out at least a month ago, but this has been a very demanding year and time has given me no slack!

The good news is that this morning I have delivered the first draft of my new novel to Penguin. This will release a little free time for me until my editor has read it and gets back to me with her thoughts on the manuscript.

I intend to clear my desk of the articles outstanding and then take a little driving tour of some areas of France I know very well or not at all. The page is blank; I don’t quite know what I will do. It is very exciting.

It is the lead up to the harvesting of the grapes on all the major vineyards and domain estates, certainly down here in the south, so I might go and lend a hand at a vineyard. Or I might lie on a beach and read about harvesting.

Untitled-3This reminds me that THE FORGOTTEN SUMMER is to be published in paperback on 8th September. Please keep an eye out for it. If you need an e-book for your Kindle, Amazon is currently offering it in a summer special of titles that have received predominantly 5 star reviews for ONE POUND, NINETY-NINE. Yes, £1.99. A bargain. Fly off to France and join me in the south for a story of love, intrigue and excellent wine and food. The reviews are excellent.

The offer continues, I think, till end of August. So, hurry!

So, what next? I have quite a few events lined up where I will be reading and talking about THE FORGOTTEN SUMMER. Please check the Events page and do book to come along and say hello if you are able. There is nothing I enjoy more than meeting up with my readers.

Otherwise, we will be preparing for our olive harvest later in the autumn. It looks to be a smaller harvest this year but that is fine. The trees give us their best.

We have been planting up another olive grove and we are preparing the almond orchard that will be planted, probably next spring, in memory of my mother whose departure has very much saddened this year for me.

I feel her presence though always walking at my side.

Here, the weather is glorious. The searing heat has slackened and we are enjoying temperatures of around 27C.  Come to France, celebrate France. And if you cannot, read books set in France. THE FORGOTTEN SUMMER awaits you.

Thank you for reading this.

Bless you, one and all


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