Marching for women’s rights

Last Saturday, the 21st January 2017, I met up with a couple of friends alongside the Apollo Fountain  in the impressive Place Massena in Nice. We, along with about seventy others, were gathering to march. We were marching –… Continue reading

Peace on Earth

This month my blog is very short. Apologies for that. I am a little unwell. On top of that, due to the loss of my mother earlier this year, my husband and I are having a very low-key Christmas.

Today,… Continue reading

A great stocking filler!

The distributors of THE OLIVE ROUTE films have contacted us to say that until 15th Jan, they are selling the boxed set of five gorgeous films for 29.99 euros plus post, which is 5 euros for Europe and 6.50 euros… Continue reading

Advent competition

Complete France is giving away The Forgotten Summer as one of it’s prizes on the 15th December as part of it’s 24 day Advent competition.

15 December 2016 | The prize: a bundle of books written by FRANCE Magazine columnists… Continue reading

Cinema as a compelling mirror

A day or so ago I watched, for the first time in many years, Louis Malle’s wonderful film,  Lacombe, Lucien. I don’t think I have seen it since it was first released in 1974, when I was a… Continue reading

France as my Inspiration

I am deep in work at present, lost in the brambly mire of editorial notes on my still untitled novel due for publication in 2017. As well, I am also preparing or rather allowing to gestate the novel I am… Continue reading

A vineyard in southern France

It is that time of year again. Late September. The season of ‘mellow fruitfulness’. There are no mists here at this time of year in the south of France but there is a great deal of mature sunlight oozing its… Continue reading

Favourite hideaways of mine in Ireland

I have just returned from a memorable trip to Ireland – my semi-adopted homeland because I was actually born in London. My recently-departed mother and all her family were born and bred in County Laios, set in the Midlands of… Continue reading

Top Summer Reading

THE FORGOTTEN SUMMER – Top Summer Reading, Woman and Home mag.

Leonardo’s Lady with an Ermine

Many of my colleagues are writing glorious posts inspired by recent holidays. How envious I feel as I stay locked to my desk, moving inexorably towards my upcoming deadline. However, I did make a short trip to Krakow two weeks… Continue reading

Musings on the Healing Powers of Greece

I have taken a short break away from my desk to visit – revisit – Greece. Last week I was in Thessaloniki where the city’s 18th annual documentary film festival was in full swing. As my husband is a documentary… Continue reading

A Special Easter Giveaway

Dear friends,

My lovely publishing team at Michael Joseph, Penguin, has teamed up with Goodreads to offer a copy of THE FORGOTTEN SUMMER as a special Easter gift to one lucky reader. The offer is open for entries from Friday… Continue reading





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