New Year Newsletter

Happy New Year!

There was a time when I used to look to the years after 2,000 and think of them as distant stars. A universe I could not see into or imagine. Now, here we are, almost a quarter… Continue reading

November  2022. NEWSLETTER

This was last year. Ours is not up yet!

This letter is so overdue that I am almost too embarrassed to apologise, but here we are and … erm, sincere apologies. My last note was in July. I wrote it… Continue reading

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, dear Readers and Friends!

I am moving offices! A few yards from one building at our home outside Paris (fondly known as the Mad Old Chateau) to another crumbling stone building on the same patch of land. Today… Continue reading

Newsletter February 2022

Mimosa in blossom at the Olive Farm, early Feb 2022.


Once again this letter is a little late. My sincere apologies.

It has been a low-key Christmas and winter for us this year, which explains my silence (nothing really… Continue reading

November 2021


This comes so late! I meant to write this Newsletter almost a month ago. I apologise for the delay. My only excuse is that I have been so busy.

Thanksgiving has just been celebrated by all our American friends,… Continue reading

Newsletter August 2021


I want to begin this missive with an apology for the delay in writing a Newsletter. I know, it has been several months since the last one.

Truth is, it has been a hectic summer and I have quite… Continue reading

Spring 2021


I am writing to you from the South of France where our first waves of spring have been very contradictory. The blossoms have been simply spellbinding. Hours I have spent strolling about the land breathing in the delicate scents… Continue reading

December Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Our Christmas tree

Well, if you are reading this you, like Michel and myself, are still here. Thank heavens. We have all struggled through and reached December of this crazy, rollercoaster of a year of 2020.

Earlier, back… Continue reading

Newsletter, September 2020

Kastellorizo, Greece, September 2020.

Dear friends and readers worldwide,

It is ages since I have written a Newsletter. There have been several blogs posted directly to my website, but no Newsletter. My sincere apologies for this; we have been experiencing… Continue reading


Hello to you all,

I am writing this from our home/office up north, east of Paris. The pic above was taken at the farm last week. We’ll be back down at the farm after the weekend.

It’s mighty hot here… Continue reading

Autumn creeping into Winter Newsletter

Sunset, Nice

Hello dear friends,

Apologies. I don’t seem to be very good at keeping to my schedules at present. There seems to be so much on, not least hammering away at a new novel. I am almost half way… Continue reading

Newsletter, July 2019

I know that I am late writing this when I begin to receive emails from some of you asking why they have not received my Newsletter!  My sincere apologies. I have two excuses: the publication on 16th May of The… Continue reading

April Newsletter


For those of us in the northern hemisphere, it is welcome to spring. Our winter has not been harsh but it has been unpredictable with, as is becoming the norm for many areas, extreme temperatures and erratic weather patterns.… Continue reading

January 2019

Here in France, we have the right to wish someone a ‘Happy New Year’ up till the last day of January, so I am just in time even for those of you living in Australia. Phew! ‘Happy New Year’ and,… Continue reading

October Newsletter 2018

Dear Friends,

Where has this year gone to? We have hit the olive harvest season and I am not really prepared for it. The trees are laden and the fruits are fat and healthy. If only I could persuade the… Continue reading

Summer 2018

I want to begin by introducing you to our new member of the Olive Farm family. His name is Samson. He is a Tibetan Mastiff and has jaws like an alligator. I heard about him through my Olive Farm Facebook… Continue reading

Spring Newsletter 2018

Dear Readers and Friends,

This is an exciting month for me for several reasons, but let me begin with a bit of non-book news and then continue with the professional afterwards.

Michel and I have just returned from a very… Continue reading

Christmas Newsletter 2017

Hello dear readers and friends,

My sincere apologies. I am so very late with this short Newsletter. I seem to have been running behind myself for months. I have not sent out cards so please don’t worry if mine didn’t… Continue reading

Newsletter October 2017

My apologies for being rather slow in getting this letter out.  I meant to pen it last month! So today I am finally settling to it, writing my news from fabulous Cork in Ireland overlooking the Wild Atlantic Way… Continue reading

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