December Newsletter


Dear friend,

This will be the briefest of Newsletters and will not contain a great deal of news!

I am intending to deliver my new novel later today or tomorrow so I am DEEP in the world of my ‘lost domain’.

As you can see from the photograph, I have recently returned from a week in Cairo where I was running a series of workshops at an international school celebrating it’s annual book week. A really fascinating experience especially given that I was there over the weekend when Hosni Mubarak and his sons were acquitted of all charges. I was in Tahir Square when the tanks rolled in…

I am months behind in responding to all the emails that have been sent to me via this website and I promise to answer them over the Christmas holidays. If you have written to me, please be patient. I will reply. I have no assistant so when travelling or deep in a book, I seem to let the other matters slip.

I will be at the France Show at Olympia from Friday 23rd January through to Sunday 25th. If you are in London, please come along and say hello. Here is the link for tickets:

So, I am going to sign off now, wishing you a wonderful holiday. I hope that 2015 will be a blessed year for you, bringing good health and all that you work for and dream of. As we say in France: La santé surtout. Above all else, good health. And peace on earth. What a brave and visionary response to the recent atrocities is the Australian Twitter: #Illridewithyou

Have a wonderful Chanukah and, or Christmas. Or simply enjoy your time off and chill out. I certainly intend to.

More soon,

I promise,



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