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Hello friends,I have been asked to recommend some Bee Books, books that will help us to understand the problems we are facing and how we can contribute in this fight to save our planet. Also to be included, we need… Continue reading

February 2017

  • Imidacloprid is a terrifying chemical used on much of the world’s fruits and vegetables — and it’s wiping out our web of life from bees to insects. Now Canada could ban it, but industry bullies are lobbying to protect their… Continue reading

January 2017

  • If you live in the UK you might want to sign up for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. They do sterling work in creating awareness for the bee communities. Many of which are being put on endangered species lists, which is… Continue reading

November 2016

Cornwall Council has decided to ban bee-harming neonicotinoid pesticides from all of its parks, gardens and verges. Big chunks of the South West – including Devon and Dorset – will be much safer for our buzzing friends.

Sign the Friends… Continue reading

October 2016


Big news: Greenpeace investigators have discovered unpublished pesticide-company studies showing that their controversial ‘neonic’ pesticides can seriously harm bees. [1]Now more than ever, we need to ban these bee-harming pesticides for good. Can you… Continue reading

September 2016

I feel impotent and distressed when I watch this video and read the news of other such acts. Such indiscriminate spraying of any chemical poison is irresponsible. The results of these bee deaths will take years to rebalance, if they… Continue reading

April 2016

  • This link is an excellent introduction to your knowledge of bees and beekeeping
  • 2016 Bee Symposium: Keeping Bees Healthy | University of California, Davis campus This educational program is designed for beekeepers of all experience levels, including gardeners, farmers and… Continue reading
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